Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dress of the Day - July 23, 2011

Dress of the Day: Cary Grant's Kilgour Suit in North by Northwest (1959). I'm starting a feature on suits, to which I shall return, so here is a classic - the suit on one of the most stylish men of the 20th century. Hitchcock probably had Cary Grant choose his own wardrobe for this film, not uncommon at this time for movies set contemporaneously.
Why this gray lightweight wool suit looks smashing:
1) It's on Cary Grant
2) Long, lean line created by the perfectly tailored jacket over trousers at the natural waist with no belt.
3) Socks match the suit, continuing the line, and dark brown shoes elegant and sporty
4)  White shirt is impeccably crisp, while the light gray tie harmonizes with the suit for overall unity
Additional points:
The jacket is ventless, which is unusual for today but quite common back then. Cary Grant can put his hands in his pockets in a suit and not bunch it up in clumsy ways. He also wears his suits with shirt cuffs showing, a really attractive look which I think should have a revival.
Did I mention that Cary Grant looks stunning?

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