Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rehearsal video - Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto

Here's a video clip of me rehearsing Vivaldi's Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra in C Major, RV 443 with Spartanburg Philharmonic and conductor Sarah Ioannides, a few days ago in South Carolina.

It was fantastic getting to work with Sarah again. We were friends and made a lot of music together when we were students at the Curtis Institute of Music. She's a wonderful musician who combines great skills as a conductor with fine leadership of the orchestra.


  1. Oh, Mimi, in addition to being a such a fine--nay,virtuoso flutist-- music entrepreneur, historian, and fashion maven, I now find that you are a fantastic piccolo ain't fair--I may have to just step on your fingers to stop you from making the rest of us flute players look so lazy and untalented. Seriously, I really appreciate and admire that all you do and all you have accomplished. Play on!

    Jerry Pritchard

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